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Automatic die-cutting machine Dione 1050В

Precision, robustness and operational easiness. This is the description of the Dione 1050, the automatic die-cutter that makes improve your results due to its perfect quality-price ratio.

Пресс для высечки Dione 1050В Пресс для высечки Dione 1050В


Yield: This is the key. Reduce the cost, control the times and increase the margins. The Dione 1050 makes your company grow due to its high production capability and price competitiveness.

Service: The Dione 1050 is more than a simple machine. An effective die-cutter complemented with a complete and personalized service. The commercial following up, the installation in your company, the training and exclusive technical service, are only some of the advantages that guarantee the machine optimal performance from the first day.

Experience: The Dione 1050 is guarantee. Because it is signed by Inramik. A company with more than 20 years of experience in the converting market.

Mechanical components

Feeder: It has a quick setup. Its feeding system direct from the palet allows a better sheet alignment and time savings, getting better results and reducing costs. Its double sheet detector, with machine's stop function avoids double feeding to the register table.

Register Table: It has 6 belts and a set of brushes that ensure a perfect delivery to the front lays. The front lays are independent adjustable and equipped with a photocell that can ensure a perfect register. The side register guides are easly adjustable to different sizes and thicknesses and are also controlled by a photocell to ensure every single sheet has been perfectly aligned before entering the press section.

Cutting Section: Made with long life and free vibration materials. It developls 250 Tons of pressure, easily adjustable with a precission hand wheel. Rotating arms allow an easy upper chase and lower plate extraction reducing make ready times.It has a center-line system to easily place the die-board, saving changeover time.

Stripping Section: It extracts the waste through a pin system or male-female board system. It is made with removable aluminum frames. It has center-line system to easy install the female board on position.

Delivery Section: Sheets are delivered on a mobile platform, perfectly stacked. The non-stop system allows changing the palet without stopping the machine, which increases the productivity.

Max. paper format, mm 1050х750
Min. paper size, mm 450x350
Productivity, sheets/hour 5500
Power, kW 40
Highest pressure, tons 250
Paper thickness, mm 0,2 - 1,5
Max. cardboard thickness, mm 3
Max. pallet height (feeder), mm 1036
Max. pallet height (outfeed), mm 850

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