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This part of web-site contains the most popular products from our catalogue.

To make your navigation more easy, the products in catalogue are divided in two main directories:

  • Finishing equipment
  • Consumables

Finishing equipment includes the whole range of equipment for finishing processes - from cutting machines to casemakers. Consumables consits from such directories, as offset plates and rubber blankets, underlay foils, printroom chemistry.

Information is always updated.


Popular Products

Sicolor Innovation
Sicolor Innovation
The Innovation Series is a modern all-round series designed for the widest possible field of applications. Read more...
PEAK pen microscope 2036
PEAK pen microscope 2036
The 2036 series is available with magnification factors of 25x, and 50x. A graduation of 0.05 or 0.02 mm is integrated into the pen microscope. Read more...