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Current actions

The mission of YAVA-IN company is not only to supply quality products to the customers, but also to be a socially responsible organization. In our everyday work we are guided by the following rules:

1. Looking to our foreign partners, we also appreciate their social and environmental responsibility. All our suppliers are meeting strict requirements of EU. One of our partners – Savatech d.o.o is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 and also performs additional requirements for environmental protection. Other partner companies also had such initiatives.

2. Typically, a lot of office workers didn't think about the harm which they are doing to the nature by their office activity - printing of the invoices, sending special notes, using not very effective light etc. To minimise such effects on the environment, YAVA-in started implementation of Greenpeace Russia "Green Office" program. As a result of the first steps we reduce resource and energy consumption and eliminate the risk of the use of hazardous substances and products, reduce maintenance costs. We support the idea that this way of protection cannot solve all the environmental problems, but even one office can significantly help our nature.

3. We provide funding and assistance for shelters of homeless animals in Kiev. A part of every invoice issued by us, will be transmitted to the founds to help our brothers. So, when a customer will buy consumables from YAVA-IN, he will take also a great impact to protection of animals.